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The KDL French Tour Diaries!

Hey guys, this is the first episode of our new range of video diary entries. These are some things we get up to in our spare time. Stay tuned for more! Enjoy!

Welcome to the second episode of our epic journey. See us soundcheck, go shopping and an Orson Wells impression. Enjoy folks! Peace and love.

Hey guys, in episode three, see what can happen when you OD on salmon. Peace.

Welcome to the fourth Episode. Just a lil’ bit of beaning around.

Hey guys, today was a slightly lazy one as we were all slightly hungover but heres some highlights of the day!

Hey guys, in day six our cousin Kaz joins us on tour for a few days and we sing a song together.

Hello people, apologies for not uploading yesterday as we were out and about on the town. But you can see what antics we got up to in this film! Peace.

Lewis writes for ClashMusic

Lewis has written a piece about his home studio for

‘When I was a kid, like most boys, I was into making swords, guns and pretending I was peter pan. After that stage, I was interested in phonograph records. At home, we never had a CD player, we had a turntable and a cassette deck so seeing records as kid was the norm and seeing them being played was normal. I think this is the reason we (my family) refer to disks as ‘records’ and not ‘vinyl’s’. The first time I saw records in a different light was when I saw my granddad winding up his gramophone and putting a record on. The thing that got me interested in it was the technical aspect, how and why did this work? It was not the case of “trendy student writes stuff on a typewriter to be cool and funky” (because 10 year olds don’t think that way) and all that, it was a case of fascination with the technology…’  CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Listen again to our live session on BBC London & interview on BBC Radio 2

We were all over the radio at the weekend with a live session for The Late Show with Joanne Good on BBC London featuring 4 live tracks and also an Introducing slot on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC Radio 2 featuring an interview and a play of our new single ‘Don’t Make A Fool Out Of Me’.

You can listen again to both shows via the following links:

The Late Show with Joanne Good on BBC London (inc some studio photos)

Steve Lamacq show on BBC Radio 2 (interview starts 39mins in)

Happy listening x

Listen to us live this Sunday

Tune in this Sunday Evening (16th October) if you’re in London or have DAB to hear us on Sunday Sessions courtesy of The Late Show with Joanne Good on BBC London.
There will be 4 live tracks and an interview and it’ll be filmed for their website too, we’re on at approx. 10.10pm

Our Headphone Highlights on RBMA Radio

Check out this show on Red Bull Academy Radio where we selected music that has inspired us…

Click here to listen

An article about us in The Big Issue

Click on the images below to see bigger/better quality versions. And thanks to The Big Issue for the interview.

Five Records for FACT Magazine

WILMOTH HOUDINILewis was asked by FACT Magazine to write about 5 records of his choosing, as he explains here…

When asked by music journalists, “What is your favourite record” or, “Who is your favourite artist”, I find myself left quite speechless. This is partly because I know that they are looking for one name to write down. And also because I have no favourite artist or record. Of the millions of disks manufactured worldwide, there is no one favourite record. Sometimes, I get home and am in the mood for a Norman Granz Jazz At The Philharmonic Concert. Another time I am not in that frame of mind, and will put on a jug band record.

So, in order to write this, I have gone to my record collection and at random, blindfolded, picked out five records. My records are not in any particular order anymore as they have all got shuffled around from them not getting put back in the right places and coming home after a few too many and pulling them out and forgetting where they came from. This method will also give a good varied selection of what is in my collection. As I am currently writing this travelling in a transit van on tour, I have no access to my books, papers, label discography’s etc… so, I will try to provide as much as I can remember about which ever record it is. Please forgive any mistakes!

Read the full article here to find out which records Lewis chose and what he had to say about them

Our top 5 icons (& a little interview)


How we wrote … Messing With My Life

We popped round the Guardian a few weeks back to talk about the next single Messing With My Life

Interview in the Independent today

We highly recommend getting your hands on a print copy, but you can read the interview in todays Independent here as well ––swing-out-sister-brother-sister-2286367.html


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